The Assassination of
President Franklin D. Roosevelt
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Shocking new evidence indicates that President Roosevelt did not die of a natural cause but was poisoned by Nazi agents, an assassination ordered by Germany's Fuehrer Adolph Hitler. Years of research and interviews of key witnesses eventually revealed how the assassination was carried out and why the true cause of FDR's death was carefully covered up for over a half century.

In his latest book CLOSELY GUARDED SECRETS, author Bill Hanson discloses how the investigation into Roosevelt's death was hampered, from the staff of the Roosevelt Library to the State Department. Nevertheless, his investigation eventually uncovered the hidden facts.

Denis McCarthy, former editor of the Palm Beach Post and Tampa Tribune calls CLOSELY GUARDED SECRETS "A compelling piece of detective work". Speaking about Hanson's book, Lloyd Silver, publisher of Lloyd's Log, said, "The developement of the atomic bomb and assassination of President Roosevelt were the two best kept secrets of World War Two."

DISCOVER how a former Nazi, who had escaped from a WWII internment camp, discovered Roosevelt had been poisoned.

DISCOVER how the Nazis planted the assassin in Roosevelt's vacation hideaway in Warm Springs, Georgia.

DISCOVER that FDR fell into a coma just minutes after eating a cyanide-laced bowl of porridge and died two and a half hours later.

DISCOVER the President's attending physician was informed that according to Georgia laws, an autopsy must be performed upon poison victims. But FDR's corpse was whisked out of the state to avoid an official medical examination.

DISCOVER the Secret Service required the household staff to swear they would not reveal what occured at Roosevelt's vacation home. One person broke that vow of silence.

DISCOVER that nineteen agents were in Warm Springs to protect the President. A few weeks later, twelve of them were "retired" from the Secret Service.

DISCOVER the First Lady, Surgeon General, chief of the Secret Service and head of the State Department all discovered FDR had been murdered, but conspired to conceal the facts.

CLOSELY GUARDED SECRETS can be obtained from:
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Phone: 1-888-7XLIBRIS

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